You’ve Been Warned . . .

In thinking about launching the MuchAdo blog, I’ve given some thought to what makes a good blog. In my opinion, a good blog has focus – a central theme around which the posts coalesce. MuchAdo will have no such focus. That’s not to say I don’t have topics about which I’m passionate (my family, photography, cooking, etc.), I just don’t see writing a blog solely about any one of those things.

As the title implies (OK, pretty much overtly states), MuchAdo is about . . . well, nothing. I enjoy writing, and that is the purpose of MuchAdo. Of course, I could simply write stuff and save it to my computer, but it seems downright un-American to pass up the opportunity to engage in some good old fashioned narcissism. So, I present to the world (i.e., my wife) MuchAdo.

One obvious question comes to mind, “Will MuchAdo be like the blog version of Seinfeld?” It seems too early to answer that question definitively, but my guess is it will have all the whining with none of the entertainment value.

One last thing. I like parentheticals. I use them a lot. (You may have noticed that already.) I am not a linear thinker. My thoughts have a tendency to branch off into many, often unrelated, directions. Parentheticals give me the ability to . . . ooh, a shiny thing . . . what was I saying? Oh yeah, if you don’t like parentheticals (or series of ellipses), run away!

So, in short . . . MuchAdo: (1) about nothing in particular, (2) all the bad, and none of the good, aspects of Seinfeld, and (3) lots of parentheticals. Enjoy!


2 comments on “You’ve Been Warned . . .

  1. […] occurs to me that some of you may have read my post You’ve Been Warned . . . and thought, “Why on earth would anyone care if he uses parentheses?” If that was your […]

  2. […] When I started MuchAdo, I gave absolutely no thought to a MuchAdo community.  At that time, the only “community” I envisioned  on MuchAdo was sitting across the room from me doing a crossword puzzle.  It turns out that there are a decent number of you reading MuchAdo (well, a decent number compared to one), and the best part of this experience, by far, has been the (mostly) kind words from people reading my silly posts.  Well, that, and reading the search terms that sometimes land people on MuchAdo.  (Suffice it to say I am second guessing my decision to name a post “She Put What Where?!?“) […]

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