Wanted: Inspiration

There comes a time in every hack blogger’s career (i.e., free time) when he must write the obligatory, “I Have Nothing to Write About” post.  This, my friends, is that post for the staff and writers of MuchAdo.  All of MuchAdo’s readers (by which I mean “Both of MuchAdo‘s readers”) have been so kind (which is to say, “have not openly criticized the blog”), that we simply cannot bear to write just any old thing* and risk any (either) of you losing faith in the quality (passable strings of mostly real words) you have come to expect from MuchAdo.  The writers at MuchAdo strive for excellence in every post they write, and we believe that one of them may achieve that goal some day.  Probably accidentally.   Certainly not soon.  But they’ll keep trying.

But Who’s To Blame?

In trying to determine why we’ve found ourselves in the midst of this creative famine (and, yes, I understand that we weren’t exactly awash in creative brilliance before this), it occurs to me that The World is truly to blame here.  First, The World has held no Superbowls for several weeks now.  Second, The World has not caused Joel Stein to send any additional e-mails (other than the one where he thanked me for plugging his book and called me a “condescending ass,” but I think we’ve pretty much ridden that train as far as it will go).  Finally, The World has caused people to pretty much behave at the grocery store.  In other words, what the heckfire is a guy supposed to write about?

Oh, sure, there is all that political stuff, but do we really want MuchAdo to be associated with those clowns?  Exactly.  Not until we get closer to the election and we can write something truly poignant (i.e., something that might get people to arrive here for some reason other than the hope of glimpsing Brett Keisel’s beard).

The Phrase That Pays (But Not Really)!

So, that leads me to the purposes of today’s post.  First, is there is anything you would like to see us writing about?  If so, leave a note in the comments section. (And remember to leave your name so we can thank you!)  Second, are you tired of “us” referring to “ourselves” as a staff of writers and researchers when “we” are, in fact, just a guy in his boxers sitting on the couch? If so, leave a note in the comments section to let us know. (And remember to leave your name and e-mail so “we” can send you a picture!)  Third, would you like to win a valuable prize**?  If so, click on every link in this post and be the first to leave a comment including the phrase “I read every post and each one was better than the last.  I laughed.  I cried.  It was better than cats (the animal, not the Broadway show — nothing is better than Cats).  MuchAdo is the greatest!” (And remember to leave your name and e-mail so we can send you your prize!***)

But What If Someone Beats Me To It?

The editorial staff (ha!) at MuchAdo will verify all entries to determine whether all links were actually clicked.  In the event that the first commenter claiming the grand prize*** failed to meet the requirements of the contest, the next commenter who meets the requirements will be our lucky winner.  That means you should keep trying to win, even if dozens (HA!) of others have already posted the winning phrase.

Good luck!!!

* Items written or posted on New Year’s Eve were not included in this analysis.

** There is no valuable prize.

*** First place is a free lifetime† subscription to MuchAdo!!

(Note: prize is only valid until MuchAdo becomes a subscription-based service, at which time prize winner will be required to pay like everyone else.)

9 comments on “Wanted: Inspiration

  1. MNJA says:

    Dear AK,

    This blog is titled “Much Ado…about nothing in particular”, so I am left pondering what it is you thought I and the other guy (Joel Stein) were actually expecting from you. Not a hell of a lot. Though I will admit that “I read every post and each one was better than the last.  I laughed.  I cried.  It was better than cats (the animal, not the Broadway show — nothing is better than Cats).  MuchAdo is the greatest!”. Is it? I now find myself questioning this. Having “nothing” to write about was your supposed reason for starting this blog. I expected nothing, and my expectations were always met. So why you now expect to be able to suck others further into this literary blackhole, with gimmicks such as those mentioned, is beyond me. Now, how do it type “hashtag winning”?

  2. DC says:

    There may not have been much in the way of substance to this post (as expected), but on the plus side, you will now pick up all of those people who search Google Images for some variation of “guy in his boxers sitting on the couch”… So you got that going for you.
    (*Note – Please do not send picture.)

  3. Dear Cuz…liking this blog..who knew you had such wit? Finding it an excellent way to get to know you..finally. Cheers!

    • AK says:


      God helps us if anyone gets to know me through this bunch of nonsense! Actually, this is probably about as good as it gets. 😉

  4. I’ve read all the posts, and now I have to unlearn them because they will forever conjur up an image of you on a couch in your underpants. Thanks a lot. Keep the royal we, and for future topics, for all the artistry on which you touch, there is precious little about your record collection written up on here (or anything music-based). How about some reviews of random LPs and such? Suggestions for kids books that G likes so that I can share some new material with my 5-year-old? Reflections on post-modernism? Climate change vs. intelligent design? The pros/cons of adopting a pet? How incredibly awesome all three seasons of Arrested Development and all 1 season of Freaks and Geeks were (back before Apatow and Ron Howard sold out). Famous character actors/”that guy” list or world’s most underrated movie DVD rental suggestion? Best meal you ever cooked? Secret tricks you’ve employed with great success in any number of areas? A disposition on what it’s like to live with DWD and JT? What a lotto win would mean for you and your loved ones? Simple advice you pass on to your kids? Who invented liquid soap and why? Financial literacy and the state of our nation’s youth? Krugman vs. Mankiw? The list is endless….

    • AK says:

      I’d say we have a blogger in the making, Vince (yeah, I saw what you did there). Whilst I think your suggestions were all rock solid, they are much more tailored to a different blog. Yours. Might I suggest LtFuzz.me? Or possibly SchiavelliLivesOn.com?

      Why not MuchAdo? Well, for one, I haven’t seen a concert or bought an album from an obscure band in quite some time, which means the best I could do for “cutting edge” would be Foster the People about a minute before they break or possibly dip back into the 90s archive for bands that never quite made it (a little Railroad Jerk maybe?).

      Never watched Freaks and Geeks, and I’ve only caught the occasional Arrested Development episode (but I’ve enjoyed every one).

      As for Krugman (who I am familiar with) v. Mankiw, the fact that I had to Google what I assumed was a legal decision is probably a good sign I should avoid writing about it. I write about enough stuff unintelligently (and I’m familiar with those subjects) I don’t need to add to that list.

      Thanks for reading!

      GIHUOTC. (Guy In His Underwear On The Couch)

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